Teach A Child To Read

All over the world, the one thing all parents have in common is their concern for the well being and the prosperity of their children. If the children fail to achieve the goals of steady progression intended for them, a deep sense of sorrow and disappointment descends on the entire household.

In these days of economic uncertainty, sometimes both parents work. Yet, for the benefit of their children's education they try and manage whatever time they can. Unfortunately, this seldom serves any purpose since, very often, neither parent has the right education skills or the slightest idea of how to start teaching a three year old child to read.

The other available option would be to avail of Concord MA Preschool tutoring at a private institution. But this generally comes at a price few parents can afford to pay.

The root cause for the inability of young children to cope up in the kindergarten stages lies with the Department of Education. Teaching curriculums are always on the increase, and it would appear that there are not enough teachers qualified in the modern method of teaching, when children need their help most.

In developed nations like the USA and UK where much emphasis is placed on free and quality education, all at the cost of the tax payer, the actual results are appalling. That two-thirds of all American children cannot read proficiently at the Grade 4 level and over 100,000 children leave schools as semi-literates in the UK every year, suggests that the root cause of all learning problems lie in the foundation of elementary education. Other English speaking developed nations can seldom be given credit for better standards.

Recently, one well known American educationist is reported to have enquired: "Why is it that these days, more and more children are finding it hard to cope up with reading at the kindergarten level? Something must be done".

This would imply that at present there is no alternate to pre-school tutoring if you wish to ensure a safe passage for your child through the school years. And, whatever their own level of education or teaching skills, parents are left with no choice other than learning to teach their children to read at home.

Fortunately, some academicians, well versed with the problems that are likely to confront the 3-5 year olds, have published books and manuals with the sole aim of making learning simple at the pre-school level.

Personally, we recommend the Children Reading Learning program since it is designed with the sole purpose of making parents learn how to teach their children to read. Taking into consideration the time constraints of the parents and the limited attention span of a 3 year old, lessons are only of 10-15 minutes duration. Besides, you will discover practical tips on how to best adapt this program to suit your needs. Step-by-step lesson plans make it very easy for you as a parent to teach, and your child to learn.

Statistics show that whereas your child's vocabulary at age 3 years influences the outcome in Grade One, a sound reading ability assures unhindered success throughout the school years. Those with reading deficiency, on the other hand, are bound to fall short of their graduation.

In the context of learning today, It is very essential for children to develop phonemic awareness and reading skills. This guide will show you how to properly sound out letters, read words, and sentences when teaching your children to read. This technique is very vital to your child's success.

What you must remember, however, is that children in their early years are trying to learn many things at once, so they must be left free to learn at their own pace.

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